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8 Signs You Grind Your Teeth – Plus the Best Treatments to Try Now

Do you experience jaw pain in the morning? Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is the involuntary clenching, grinding, and gnashing of the teeth. This condition typically ...
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I Haven’t Been to the Dentist in a Long Time — What Can I Expect at My Next Appointment?

Has it been a year — or several — since your last cleaning? Does the idea of dental work give you anxiety? Dentists like Dr. ...
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Life with Dentures: 7 Things to Know Right Now

Sore gums? Loose teeth? Are dentures calling your name? Stepping into the world of restorative dentistry can be overwhelming for many people. For decades, life ...
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3 Ways to Conquer Your Dental Anxiety for Good

3 Ways to Conquer Your Dental Anxiety Are you one of the millions who suffer from dental anxiety? Don’t let fear of going to the ...
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How to Find the Best Dentist for You and Your Family

Are you looking for the best dentist in Greensboro? There are dozens to choose from, but how can you tell which one fits your family? ...
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You Asked, We Answered: Why do I need to fix a cavity if it doesn’t hurt?

If you have a nagging toothache or sudden sensitivity when you eat, you might suspect it’s a cavity. Your initial reaction might be to grit ...
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6 Major Oral Cancer Symptoms to Watch For

Did you know regular dental appointments serve a much bigger purpose for your health than just a cleaning and cavity check? During routine screenings, your ...
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What Causes Bad Breath?

How to Stay Fresh During the Holidays and All Year-Round Have you ever wondered what causes bad breath? Have you tried quick fixes like mints ...
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Is Fluoride Good for You? 5 Myths and Facts

Plus, Answers to Your Fluoride Questions Is fluoride good for you? The mineral has sparked debate throughout the years, from poison claims to concerns about ...
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Oral Health

The Big Connection Between Your Oral Health and Overall Health

Did you know there’s a direct link between oral health and overall health? It’s true! Your mouth is the gateway to your body. It’s where ...
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