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How to Stay on Top of Summer Dental Care: Tips for Your Entire Family

Summer is a time for late nights, catching fireflies, roasting s’mores, and movie marathons. With so much fun to be had, it’s easy for kids to overlook the importance of regular teeth brushing. It’s essential to maintain a consistent summer dental program for your children. Oral health is crucial to overall health, from pregnancy through childhood and beyond. If your kids need help staying on track over summer break, check out our dental hacks to keep up with summer dental care for the whole family — and be ready for the upcoming school year!

Summer Dental Care for Kids

Small kids will need assistance with dental hygiene — not only in reminders but also in practice. And remember, young children typically lack the motor skills needed to floss until they are around 10 years old. Use these three easy tips to keep little mouths happy and healthy this summer and year round!

1. Stick with a Regular Brushing Routine

Even the most routine-oriented young kids fall into the trap of a free-for-all summer. All it takes is two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening to maintain dental health. But you can do it together as a fun family activity! For younger children, you may add an entertaining element, such as music, to the brushing routine.

2. Limit Sugary Snacks and Drinks

It’s tempting to dig into fun snacks for the summer, but the influx of sugary foods and drinks can wreck your child’s tooth enamel. When possible, opt for sugar-free versions of your favorite snacks, like popsicles or popcorn, to satisfy cravings while still protecting their teeth.

3. Schedule Back-to-School Dental Visits

Like with adult dentistry, pediatric dentistry experts recommend that a child see a dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and to allow the dentist to effectively monitor their dental health. Use the summer break to schedule a visit without the stress of your kids missing school. The checkup will ensure their teeth remain healthy, and dentists like Dr. Shah can answer any questions you may have about a summer routine.

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Summer Dental Care for Adolescents and Teens

While adolescents and teens are better equipped to follow routines than younger children, they are also prone to “Summer Amnesia” when it comes to their oral care. They may need reminding to stay on top of their dental hygiene routines. And your help is required to ensure they have healthier snacks on hand during the summer months.

Get a Mouthguard for Sports

If your teen has a busy sports practice schedule this summer, ask your dentist about a soft plastic mouthguard to protect their lips, cheeks, teeth, and gums from injury. You can order custom-fitted mouthguards to ensure their mouths are fully protected.

Keep Tooth-Friendly Snacks on Han

Adolescents and teens are more likely to raid the pantry than their younger siblings as they stretch and grow. Ensure you have plenty of healthy, low-sugar snacks on hand to satisfy growing appetites and protect their teeth. Check out the following snacks to fulfill hunger and keep mouths healthy.

  • Baby carrots
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Whole fruits
  • String cheese
  • Nuts
  • Yogurt
  • Frozen yogurt popsicles
  • Trail Mix

It only takes a little advanced planning to keep your family’s dental health on track during the summer. Not only will their mouths thank you, but you’ll feel better when you come in for their back-to-school check-ups! Dr. Shah’s team is here to make dental hygiene for kids easy and fun!

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