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Emergency Dentist Greensboro, NC

We Can See You Right Away!

We understand that dental emergencies can be inconvenient and by nature need attention as soon as possible. Our urgent dental care practice is designed in a way that allows for new patient emergencies to be seen as soon as possible, almost always the same day. While we encourage our emergency patients to join our regular care program, you are not required to do so in order to take advantage of our short-notice appointments.

Do you have pain or damage? Have you cracked or even knocked out a tooth? Our emergency dentist in Greensboro, NC is here for you! Call immediately, and we can give you instructions and fit you into our schedule for treatment the same day. A fast diagnosis and immediate treatment can make all the difference in saving a tooth or a long-term healthy smile, so we’re prepared to accommodate you as quickly as possible. Our caring, compassionate, and above all gentle emergency dentist is here to support you.

Call now to schedule an emergency appointment!
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